Latecomers Agreement Bc

2. Where the progressive development agreement provides for minor amendments, the local government may accept a minor amendment by decision. (c) the development timetable and timetable and other matters covered by the Agreement; 520 (1) This Division applies to an application for subdivision authorization under section 85 [time limit for approval and consideration of the public interest] of the Land Titles Act for land that is the subject of a progressive development agreement. (b) where the owner and the local government enter into an agreement for the land or payment to be made available or paid for on a date to be fixed in the agreement, after the final approval of the subdivision. (b) that a sufficient application against the construction agreement has not been submitted to the Council after having insued its intention to adopt the statutes; 3. Subject to paragraph 2, a temporary development agreement may be renewed or renewed, provided that the extension or extension does not render the agreement effective for a period exceeding twenty years. (i) approving a subdivision plan, a rolling plan, a building permit, a building permit, a development diversion permit or a zoning by-law necessary for the development of a debtor`s real estate in the area contrary to the contract, or (2) § 503 [Notice of Land Titles Approval] applies to a notice referred to in subsection (1) of that division, but there is no obligation to notify a minor change in accordance with Article 519(2) [progressive amendments]. Development Agreement]. 516 (1) A territorial authority may, by statutes, enter into a staggered development agreement with a landowner.

4. In the case of a development fee paid by a real estate developer for a plant provided by the developer under the agreement, the amount deducted in accordance with paragraph 3 shall be calculated in such a way that (c) can require the developer to provide a guarantee acceptable to the Commission in order to ensure compliance with the agreement. (c) agreements, authorisations, plans or other documents which are incorporated directly or by reference into the graduated development agreement. 6. For development, the following changes to the zoning rules apply without the written consent of the proponent. the specified subdivision regulation: these « preliminary » infrastructure works can be paid for either by the local authority or by the initial promoter, and financed by an agreement of latecomers. A housing contract may include terms agreed by the local government and the owner with respect to the occupancy of the housing units referred to in the agreement, including, but not limited to, conditions that meet one or more of the following conditions: (a) if there is a progressive development agreement directly related to the construction and installation of surplus or extended services; beyond fifteen years from the date of completion of the services or the end of the phased development agreement, whichever is later; (h) the quantity and location of the parking areas to be made available in accordance with Section 510 [Provision of parking spaces] for the ventilated areas covered by the tiered development agreement. .

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