Microsoft Customer Agreement Overview

These vary depending on whether the customer is buying directly from Microsoft or through a partner, who benefits from billing, and so on. A flexible agreement with modular terms, designed for geographical and sectoral relevance, replaces different agreements for different types of offers and programmes. The partner facilitates and notifies Microsoft of the customer`s acceptance of the agreement. With the Microsoft Customer Agreement, agree to your terms once, and the agreement will be updated when you add products to your portfolio. Whether you buy directly from, with the help of a Microsoft representative, or from a partner, you`re subject to the same agreement. It was then announced that the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA) would replace the Microsoft Cloud Agreement (MCA), the underlying contract for Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) relationships. After a meeting of Hani Rachidi, Director of Business Management, at Microsoft`s Inspire conference in July, we have more information on what the MCA looks like. Partners benefit from simplified contract management. You now have the option to transfer customers to Microsoft to manage the agreement process, including responsibility for customer acceptance and managing the contract data set. If you`d like more details about these important changes to the Microsoft Agreement, we can help. In addition to immediate advice on your Microsoft licensing agreements, our team of cloud specialists can provide clear recommendations on how best to plan your most suitable modern data platform strategy, as well as advice on how to reduce your Azure costs by 80%. Use the transition period (October 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020) to turn all customer purchases from CSPs to Microsoft`s Customer Agreement. The agreement follows the customer instead of being limited to a specific purchase channel.

The agreement « will follow the customer, » which means it shouldn`t be necessary to sign new agreements just to switch to a new partner. One of the most interesting things here is that it will cover « third-party products », i.e. products available in Microsoft markets – such as in Azure. No no. Continue to purchase and use your Azure services as usual. You will be notified if the new agreement is available to your organization. Any attempt to simplify agreements and streamline the process of interacting with them should be welcomed, and it certainly seems that these changes are coming from the right place. But what does this mean in practice? Not seeing all the elements of a contract, if you sign it, doesn`t necessarily look like the best idea! Two things that rush me: as a customer under an MPA, you can still decide who can access cost management through the Azure portal, but you`re limited as with many other built-in roles to allow access for readers or contributors.

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