Sample Rebate Agreement Template

If a supplier offers you a discount for the purchase of certain goods and services, prepare a discount agreement. You can have an unlimited number of discount agreements for each supplier. For each agreement, you provide basic information such as: whereas the state has the authority to enter into agreements with drug manufacturers in order to collect additional discounts in favor of state Medicaid members, provided that such agreements are authorized by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS); and click on common sales and marketing > > discount agreements > discount agreements. Note: If you indicate, with Purchase Instructions, that all discount agreements are in progress (inactive) for a supplier, the system actively changes this status when you enter a new active discount contract for the supplier. After you`ve defined what you need to buy to get a discount, you need to enter the quantity or amount you need to buy. Any quantity or quantity is called a threshold. You must also enter the discount amount or percentage of the purchase that you must receive based on each threshold. Note: The supplier pays a percentage discount if the discount type indicates the percentage. Specify the purchase category (P1-P5) with which you want to enter category code values for discounts. You specify this value in the system constants (P4009W) that you will access by pressing F10 from branch/factory sponsors (P41204).

Chapter 59, « Configure Constants » for code indication information for purchase discount categories. The system stores information about items, account numbers, and purchase code values applicable to a discount contract in the Purchase Discount Rules table (F4342). For more information about creating log entries for discounts, see Chapter 45, « Update Discount Information. » In the Unit field, select the quantitative unit for the reduction quantity. You can enter multiple thresholds for a discount agreement. For example, you can get a discount for the purchase of 100 widgets and another discount for the purchase of 500 widgets. If you enter multiple thresholds, you must enter thresholds or amounts in ascending order. Each time you enter an order detail line, you must specify a line type. The unit of inventory of the type of position you indicate under the control setting modes determines the order in which the system, including the reduction rules, searches for a reduction agreement in order to find a match: the person responsible for managing this reduction agreement.

Define the order types from which the system applies purchases on discounts on the custom code table 43/RB Items you need to purchase or account numbers you need to purchase for to get the discount The system stores information about the discount agreement in the table of the purchase discount basis (F4340). A one-time purchase transaction cannot apply to more than one sales contract. You specify a threshold type to indicate whether a discount contract is based on a quantity you purchased or an amount you purchased. You specify a discount type to indicate if you have a certain discount amount or a percentage of the purchase amount. The quantity or amount you need to buy for the discount In order for the system to track discounts, you need to provide information about the agreements you have with your suppliers. This information includes: Select the accounts to use to delineate discount and down program spending in the Accounts field group. If, in AX 2012 R3, a value is available in the Quantity or Up to Amount box and the total revenue or amount exceeds that value, some combinations of upload type and amount type value may lead to a miscalculation of discount amounts. . . .

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