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Imaging technology and data complexity continue to grow, resulting in films with higher resolution and frame rates, a wider range of dynamics, and much more detail. These conditions open the door to advanced video analytics – now, if only we could get the right movie from the right frame, in the right place, at the right time and in the right quality! In short, film equipment should be available for smooth live viewing or playback. >>A business strategy that a company can use if it makes high profits is to increase expenses. In this case, he could increase the bonuses paid to employees or hire more workers to increase the cost of the pay slip. If revenues for the year were expected to be lower, they could implement the strategy in reverse; lay off workers or cut bonuses to reduce expenses. Not only do these movements leave revenues, but allow a company to work more efficiently depending on the circumstances. The real advantage of the smooth transition model via R&P or P&R is that library acquisition budgets can gradually evolve from API subscription spend. There is no need to immediately change library funding policy, nor is there a need for massive coordination. But even with the seamless transition model, a transformation to open access will not be possible if high-level publicity organizations do not commit to the principle of open access and receive sufficient additional resources in the long term.

The appeal of the seamless transition model lies in the fact that libraries, governments and funders are gaining time to develop, accept, evaluate and revise the redistribution and operating processes of funding, as the transition to open access progresses. Temporary errors in policy changes do not seriously hurt, given that library spending is largely dependent on historical subscriptions, even for high-publishing organizations, in the first half of the global transition to open access. Companies engage in this practice because investors are generally willing to pay a premium for stocks with constant and predictable profit streams, unlike stocks whose profits are subject to more volatile patterns, which can be considered riskier. Libraries pay a fee for unlimited open access publishing in hybrid magazines and reading full closed content for the publisher`s entire magazine portfolio….

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