Us Taliban Agreement Main Points

Finally, the agreement stipulates that the United States will enter into diplomatic talks with the UN in order to remove Taliban members from the « sanctions list. » The five remaining terms of the US Taliban deal essentially require the Taliban to sever all ties with militant organizations, particularly al-Qaeda. Al Qaeda has long devoted funds to the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan. In September 2001, just before the September 11, 2001 attacks, it helped the Taliban assassinate a powerful Afghan resistance leader, Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud. After months of negotiations, Hezb-i Islami Gulbuddin, the second largest national militant group after the Taliban, signed a peace agreement in Kabul with the government of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. It was the first peace treaty since the war in Afghanistan began in 2001. The Taliban leaders who negotiated the peace deal belong to the Taliban ruling group, called Quetta Shura. This group operates from Pakistan and is largely a political and economic organization. The Quetta Shura controls the highly profitable opium and heroin trade that finances the Taliban`s military operations in Afghanistan. The Quetta Shura is led by high-ranking Taliban, including Haibutullah Akhundzada, Mohammed Yaqub, Mohammed Omar and Abdul Ghani Baradar. Iran. Iran, which is predominantly Shia, has long regarded the Taliban, a Sunni group, as enemies, especially since it has received support from Iranian rivals Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. In 2001, Iran accepted U.S. efforts to overthrow the Taliban and supported the Afghan government.

While these commanders may rejoice in the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, they are cautious to negotiate with a Kabul government they don`t trust.

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